Mini-Symposium on ‘Data driven insights for better workplace’

About Mini-Symposium

In the modern workplace, employee wellbeing has emerged as a critical factor influencing organizational success. With rising awareness of mental health issues, burnout, and work-life balance, employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of creating environments that support employee wellbeing. The purpose of this mini-symposium is to explore various aspects
of wellbeing at work and discuss data-driven insights for fostering a culture of wellness within organizations.

Wellbeing is a key factor in creating an environment that promotes a state of contentment that benefits both employees and the organization. Focusing on the wellbeing of employees will help to build a healthier working environment with inclusive culture and also employees will be more balanced and committed towards their work and life.

This mini-symposium focuses on how an individual’s happiness creates wellbeing which helps them thrive in their organization with more commitment.


  • To raise awareness about the importance of individual wellbeing and wellbeing in the workplace.
    To provide practical tools and resources for implementing wellbeing initiatives in organizations.


  • Anyone with an interest can participate in the event.

Benefits to the participants

  • To obtain knowledge on the concept of wellbeing, its significance, and fostering a culture of wellbeing within organizations in the workplace.
    To learn practical tools for reducing stress and enhancing resilience, with a focus on incorporating mindfulness practices into daily routines.
    To learn practical techniques for expressing, processing, and managing stress in a creative and empowering way.
    To obtain knowledge on the impact of happiness and employee wellbeing on employee commitment.


    • 1. Keynote Address
      2. Workshops:
      3. Mindfulness and Stress Management at Work
      4. Creative Solutions for Workplace Stress
      5. Student presentations with data-driven insights for a better workplace
      5. Technical presentations

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